Chennai Weather – Warm Days Back

After a few days of pleasant climate Chennai is back to its summer mode.  Yesterday the temperature crossed 37 Degrees making it an uncomfortable day coupled with the late sea breeze arrival. The strongest phase of Southwest Monsoon is normally the most uncomfortable period for Chennai Weather wise due to strong surface level westerlies preventing moderation by the Easterly Sea Breeze

The warm day time temperature and uncomfortable evenings are expected to continue for the next few days as West Coast is now under a firm Monsoon attack.  The entire Konkan region has been getting heavy rains thanks to very strong Cross Equatorial Moisture push and aided by the parking of an evolving low off the Gujarat Coast.


In addition the depression which crossed Odisha coast yesterday morning is also adding its bit in pulling the moisture into Central India thereby providing rains to Chhatisgarh, Vidharbha & Madhya Pradesh regions.  Though weakening after land interaction it is nor firmly embedded into the Monsoon Trough.


As far as Chennai is concerned expect another warm day with temperatures possibly around 36 / 37 degrees,  Towards the evening there is some possibility of thunderstorms happening to the Southwest of Chennai which could potentially reach the coast.  This could provide some rain possibilities for places in the southern suburbs around Tambaram / Chengalpet to get some rains.   We will follow the developments and see if the thunderstorms move a little north and possibly impact more parts of the city,