Chennai Weather Update – Fairly clear weather ahead

In what is likely to be a news from heaven to the people of Chennai Weather models indicate a fairly clear set of days ahead for Chennai except for some extremely isolated rains today.  While yesterday saw a few places get rains early in the morning and continued till about 10 AM most of Chennai saw fairly clear weather since then.  Places to the south of Chennai though got some spells of rains around Chengalpet / Mahabalipuram.

Northeast Monsoon Update: Northeast Monsoon is likely to start its possibly first statewide dull phase in the next day or two.  Ever since the onset happened around end October Northeast Monsoon has been pretty much active right through the season except for possibly end November when the rains slowed down over North TN.  As one can see this season has seen 66% excess rains compared to normal expected rains.


Over the next couple of days as both the troughs either side of Peninsular India starts to fade away the rains are also expected to reduce.  Parts of South Tamil Nadu could see some rains today but overall the rains are slowing down for Tamil Nadu and a break which could stretch to possibly about a week or so is on the cards. If one observes the satellite image as well it is quite clear the Bay is free of convection above 10 N latitude and the only patch of thunderstorms are around the 5N latitude on account of the ITCZ that is straddling the equator on either sides


Chennai Weather Update : As far as Chennai Weather is concerned its going to be fairly clear day ahead with partly cloudy skies.  Occasional extremely isolated rains may happen in a few areas but overall things are looking up for us to enjoy our first set of winter days for the next one week or so.  Expect day time temperature to be around 30°C.  Early morning could be pleasant at around 24°C.