Chennai to see cold nights

Chennai’s winter has set in with 10th January seeing the lowest minimum temperature of the  year at 17.9 Degrees in Meenambakkam and 19.0 Degrees.

A short take on why the temperatures have dropped for Chennai, though it was expected.

Currently Peninsular India is under the influence of a High Pressure Area near Gujarat which is pushing in Dry cold air over Chennai bringing in a drop in temperature.  Until Peninsular India is under the outflow of this High Pressure Area wintery conditions would continue for Chennai.


A look at the satellite picture shows clear skies over most of India which has resulted in a drop in temperature every where.


How long would this continue.  The answer to this question lies over South East Bay where a marginal low with associated Upper Air Circulation exists.


Some models expect this to possibly intensify and move in a Westward Direction towards Sri Lanka.  As this disturbance moves towards the coast the wind pattern would slowly change back to Easterlies for Tamil Nadu bringing a change in the temperature pattern with higher humidity and possibly higher minimum temperature though there could be a marginal drop in maximum temperature.  This could possibly bring some rains to Peninsular India as well though up to what latitude is debatable and hence better to wait and watch.  This could happen around 15th of January providing a wet pongal opportunity for some parts of Tamil Nadu