A tinge of Above Average Night Time Temp expected over Tamil Nadu

Dry conditions have been dominating the weather scape of Tamil Nadu for the last few days.  While IMD has announced the formation of Low Pressure Area near Andaman Islands the prospects of Tamil Nadu getting any benefit out of this system still remains low as the tropical disturbance continues its struggles of organization.  In the immediate future though IMD is expecting the LPA though to become a Well  Marked Low within the next 24 hours or so and subsequently intensify into a Depression after that. As things stand Andaman & Nicobar Islands are expected to be under rainy spell during the weekend with some places likely to get heavy rains under the influence of this evolving disturbance.

With rainy season out of the way it is that time of the year to enjoy the mild winter that is on offer for us in Chennai.  Its time to enjoy the early morning nip as we sip our morning dose of freshly brewed filter coffee.  Its time to feel morning dew on the grass blades on our morning walks in the Park.

For tonight though the numerical models indicate a slightly above average minimum temperature conditions as Peninsular India is bereft of the Dry Northerly Continental winds which bring those icy cool winds from the Deccan Plateau.  While the interior parts of the state will continue to see temperatures between 16 -18°C depending on their proximity to the Deccan Tableland on the overall the night time minimum temperatures are expected to be a shade, about 1 degree, above normal.  Things could change though with Saturday night expected to see the temperatures drop a couple of notches compared to the last few days.

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