Winter type weather to check in over Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

Weather is always a result of circumstances of various factors in play. For example the extremely wet January 2021 has been a case of fairly strong Easterlies that have not only brought about the record unseasonal rains over many places in the state but also created many days of cloudy skies with humid conditions due to the moisture pushed by the Easterlies.

We have often mentioned winter for Tamil Nadu, particularly along the coast sets only when the rains end and the Easterlies wane bringing up the effect of seasonal high pressure zone over Central India onto Peninsular India. Once the high pressure effect is seen over Peninsular India we see land cooling down bringing forth with it land breeze during the early morning hours further dropping down the temperatures. This has been mostly absent so far this year due to the persistence of Easterlies well into January.

It’s no surprise a place like Tiruttani has been seeing the night time minimum temperatures hover around 19 / 20ºC, more than 2 degrees above normal for this time of the year. Though our winters are not severe it is indeed a nice feeling to enjoy the slight nip in the air during the morning hours without worrying too much about pulling over multiple layers of winter clothing while you take a stroll outside during daybreaks.

Weather Models indicate the coming two weeks could see winter like conditions over large parts of Tamil Nadu. While this week could see many places record night time temperatures in the region of 1 / 2ºC below normal temp, next week after 10th February we could see a further dip for a few days bringing interior places under a spell of cold weather when minimum temperatures may stay 2 / 3ºC below normal.

Time to enjoy our brief winter days however mild it is. காக்கைக்கு தன் குஞ்சும் பொன் குஞ்சு.