Winter in Tamil Nadu, Interiors to see Cold Nights & Foggy Mornings

The turn of the year has possibly set the stage for Winter in Tamil Nadu with the interior places in the state enjoying fairly cold nights.  Places in Vellore / Krishnagiri / Dharmapuri districts has started seeing the first winter spell with temperatures dropping to around 15°C in most places.

Winter in Tamil Nadu.

A combination of surface level High Pressure Zone sitting over Peninsular India as seen dipping from Central India along with clearer night skies thanks to absence of moisture at lower levels has created conducive conditions for the setting in of Winter in Tamil Nadu.  This effect is seen more around the NW districts of Tamil Nadu and places adjoining South Interior Karnataka & Rayalaseema.


Consequent to this the next couple of days could see night time temperatures in this region stay around 15°C with foggy conditions expected around the region.  Thanks to clearer skies the day time conditions would be bright & sunny with a touch of warmth as the temperatures settle around 31°C in the plains of Tamil Nadu.

Higher Terrains in the Western Ghats region could see severe cold wave type conditions hit the districts of Nilgiris & neighboring Wayanad of Kerala.


Chennai Weather Update: 

Fairly clear skies expected with a warm day time temperature around 31°C.  Night time temperatures are expected to be sub 20°C in the Western & Northern Suburbs while city areas could see temperatures touch around 21°C.  As has been the case for the last few days the coldest temperature would possibly happen after day break.