Winter in Chennai, pleasant conditions to continue for Pongal

In what is possibly the best phase of weather, Winter in Chennai, has been in effect for the last few days with the maximum temperature hovering around 30°C and the minimum hovering around 20°C in the city while the suburbs have been seeing sub 20°C temperatures regularly.

Though one has to admit Winter in Chennai is strictly not a proper winter like its other South Indian cousins like Hyderabad or Bangalore, it does provide for a window of couple of weeks of temperate weather in a city that is only known for the Hot, Hotter & Hottest seasons.


The next couple of days most of South India is going to see pleasant weather conditions prevail with even the West Coast mostly looking at sub 35°C day time temperatures.  Except for isolated pockets which could see temperatures in the region of 35°C most of South India is expected to see moderate weather conditions perfectly placed for enjoying Sankranthi / Pongal festivals.  As one could observe the day time temperatures in interior Tamil Nadu is also expected to be less warmer than conditions that prevailed most of last week.


As mentioned above the next couple of days temperature anomalies are expected to be closer to normal for most parts of South India which is  reflecting in the expected minimum night time temperatures.  Almost all of South India is expected to see sub 20°C except for some parts of Coastal TN.  Even Coastal North TN & Coastal Kerala it is a very narrow band of places closer to see that is expected to see night time temperatures above 20°C.

As we always say we should enjoy while the winter in Chennai lasts. Expect another moderately warm day with temperature around 30 and a fairly cool night / early morning with temperatures being closer to 20°C.  The suburbs are expected to continue the trend of sub 20°C night time temperatures.