Widespread Hot Conditions to Prevail over Tamil Nadu

Yesterday saw a fairly widespread hot day in Tamil Nadu as many places recorded their hottest day of 2017 including both the observatories in Chennai.  The airport observatory recorded 38°C for the first time while the city observatory recorded 36°C for the first time this year.

Similarly Madurai & Tirunelveli (Palayamkottai) recorded 40°C for the first time in 2017 making them the 7th and 8th place of Tamil Nadu to reach this mark this year.A total of 11 places recorded 100°F yesterday indicating the spatial spread of the hot conditions in Tamil Nadu.

As one can observe from the temperature charts and the anomaly charts according to numerical weather models almost all of Tamil Nadu is likely to see day time conditions to be hotter by a couple of degrees with some isolated places in South Interior Tamil Nadu likely to see 3 – 5°C higher than normal.

In all probability we could possibly see another hottest day of the year right across the state with the usual suspects like Vellore, Karur, Trichy, Madurai along with Tirunelveli seeing the hottest conditions of the day.  Chennai’s prospects will hugely rely on the advent of sea breeze and if its weak and delayed like yesterday we can expect another 36 day for Nungambakkam.

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