Why is Chennai Hot during the Day?

While the rains have eased one question now on everybody’s mind, Why is Chennai Hot during the Day? Indeed Chennai is warmer than normal ever since the rains have stopped & what people are feeling shows up in the daily temperature charts put out by IMD Chennai. Yesterday the day time temperature was more than 2.6 ° higher than normal at Nungambakkam.


In the same context Meenambakkam was at least one degree less warmer compared to Normal.  While the difference between these two places is on account of possible Urban Heat Island  effect it certainly confirms the day time temperatures are warmer than normal.

Why is Chennai Hot during the Day? Due to a combination of global and local factors most parts of Peninsular India is seeing above normal day time temperatures.  On the local aspect during winter time under the influence of a High Pressure Zone over Central India the surface level winds tend to be more Northerly bringing in the Dry Continental Air from Central / NW India.  These dry land winds bring down the temperature over the region creating the cold winter effect.


While Northeast Monsoon has not been giving rains it continues to exist and has a role to play in keeping the winds ore Easterlies bringing in the warm moist air from the Bay rather than the cold continental air

On the Global Aspect El Nino is also partially responsible for the above normal temperatures if one observes the temperature anomaly pattern over most parts of Asia Pacific we can see more reds the blues.  Reds indicate above normal temperature while blues indicate below normal temperature. The entire Western Pacific Rim is seeing above average temperatures all the way up to Siberia & Alaska. The above average ocean temperature is reflecting in the overall temperature pattern of earth.  The same impact is seen over most parts of Peninsular India as well.


So the question now is when would Chennai see its winter.  If one goes by the temperature outlook for the next few days it looks unlikely the temperatures could ease before the turn of the year.  Models are expecting on an average a degree or so higher than normal temperature to continue.


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