While Northeast Monsoon struggles for momentum, Isolated Rains Continue.

In a continuing story Northeast Monsoon 2016 is still struggling to build any meaningful momentum whatsoever.  The only solace is the isolated rains that has been continuing since the last few days unlike the completely dry cool weather that was prevailing the previous weeks.  Yesterday saw isolated moderate showers over a few places of South Tamil Nadu while parts of Chennai recorded midnight rains.  KVK Katttupakkam just south of Tambaram recorded about 24 mm rains from these early morning spells.


Ramanathapuram has been enjoying the spillover effect from the fairly active phase of Northeast Monsoon that has been in Sri Lanka over the last couple of days or so.  Pamban recorded a much needed spell of rain yesterday having a mountain of deficit to climb for the year, with less than 45 days of the year left Pamban has so far recorded only 1/3rd of the annual rainfall till now.

It is an understatement to say Northeast Monsoon has been struggling for momentum.  It is indeed an irony that the best day of rainfall for Tamil Nadu has been recorded in the first week of August during peak Southwest Monsoon rather than Northeast Monsoon.  As the attached charts indicate going by historical rainfall pattern Tamil Nadu has possibly seen the peak rainfall period and from now on peak rainfall period will move further South towards South TN & Sri Lanka.


South Tamil Nadu will continue to see the pattern of isolated rains with one or two places in line for possibly moderate to heavy spell of rains around Tirunelveli /Thootukudi districts.  Like last couple of days models indicating spells of passing showers in a few places around North Tamil Nadu so some areas of Chennai could record another day of midnight / early morning rains.