Western Disturbance triggers Rains over Peninsular India

The strong Western Disturbance thats expected to trigger rains almost all across India has started to move over the Indian sub continent.  As it strengthens into possibly weak Western Depression over Central India in the next couple of days it will be pushing rains into Peninsular India over many places.


As a start Vidharba region & parts of South Interior Karnataka has already started receiving WD triggered rains. It is expected to spread to more places in these regions.


Today could see some hailstorms in one or two places of Marthwada region and at a few places in the Vidharbha region.  There is a possibility of hailstorm in one or two places in South Interior Karnataka & Rayalseema region in Southern Peninsula to.  As things stand Chennai’s chance of its first rains are around 13th / 14th.  We need to wait patiently till then. Keeping in mind ever changing  weather conditions COMK would aim to provide daily rainfall updates over the next few days.

COMK has been growing beyond Chennai for weather updates & related information.  Keeping in mind this we needed an identity in English without moving away from COMK as we are now called popularly, COMK will now also be “Chennai’s Own Meteorological Kaleidoscope” we are indeed a kaleidoscope as far as Chennai’s weather goes.  Thanks to fellow weather blogger Shiva Kumar for suggesting this and giving the idea on an English Title to the blog.