Westerlies to dominate Chennai Weather as Monsoon slows down progress

The last couple of days Chennai Weather has been dominated by the Westerly winds as sea breeze has been struggling to make any impact what so ever till around Sun Set. On Saturday it was pretty much a marginal sea breeze day which set well after sun set while yesterday saw sea breeze set around 6 PM making it a hot and uncomfortable day right through the day for most parts of North Coastal Tamil Nadu.  It was no wonder Coastal Tamil Nadu particularly in the Northern part from Nagappattinam to Chennai saw some of the hottest places in Southern Peninsula.


In the meanwhile Southwest Monsoon has slowed down for the last couple of days stalling near Karwar and unable to move up thanks to not so conducive conditions.  As things stand in the West Coast the  monsoon is currently at Karwar which normally it reaches around 5th of June and in the Bay of Bengal side it is roughly around June 1st benchmark along the East Coast while towards the Myanmar & Northeast India region it is short of even the June 1st benchmark.  In the current scheme of things we are less likely to see monsoon progress happen in the Arabian Sea over the next couple of days or so with possibly the only hope is a possible disturbance in Bay around Central AP Coast, expected later part of the week, could trigger further progress into Central India and Maharashtra coast.  mon-prog

We are likely to see about 5 – 7 days delay when Southwest Monsoon hits Mumbai while parts of Northeast India could see a delay of almost 15 days by the time Monsoon makes its presence there


Chennai Weather is likely to stay hot today as well with Westerly winds expected to dominate once again over most parts of North Coastal Tamil Nadu. With slightly clearer skies expected during the afternoon we could see temperatures be around 38 in Chennai and other places of North Coastal Tamil Nadu. While the West Interior regions have seen a drop in temperatures thanks to the onset of Southwest Monsoon places up to 100 kms from the coast continues to see temperatures in the region of 37 degrees. Similar temperatures are expected to continue today as well.


Parts of West Coast could see isolated heavy rains around North Karnataka & Konkan Goa coasts. These heavy rains are unlikely to be widespread and will possibly be restricted to one or two places. Moderate rains are expected to continue over almost all of West Coast from Maharashtra to Kerala but the typical monsoon surge is likely to be missing summing up the current state of monsoon. There is some chance of isolated light rains in one or two places over North Tamil Nadu. These could be passing showers in all probability under instability triggered by heat related convection.