West Coast of India Sizzles under Easterlies Impact

While places like Chennai in the East Coast of India look forward to Easterlies at this time of the year in the hope of some rains to give respite the other side of Peninsular India dread strong Easterlies at this time of the year.  Strong Easterlies during December – February almost always end up creating heat wave like conditions in the West Coast as relentless land breeze for most parts of the day rake up the temperatures.

In recent years almost every year sees one place or the other set hottest day records for February which possibly indicates a changing phenomenon.  Last couple of years saw places in Kerala like Kozhikone, Kannur & Palakkad notch up new heat records.  This year it is the turn of the Konkan region as the places from Mangalore to Mumbai seems to be firmly under this heat spell.  This spell is expected to continue for a couple of more days as Easterlies will hold sway with possibly one or two places setting new heat records as well.

Closer home the nights will continue to be cold in North Tamil Nadu particularly in the interior places of Vellore & Dharmapuri districts.  Coastal areas like Chennai also is likely to see minimum temperatures drop about a degree or two below normal.  The west and south suburbs of Chennai is likely to see sub 20°C while the city areas could see temperature dip up to 21 degrees.  Places in the higher reaches of Western Ghats are also likely to see night time temperatures settle a couple of degrees below normal.

Day time conditions are likely to be warm across the state with places like Chennai seeing the maximum temperature settle around 31 degrees.

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