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The Well Marked Low in Bay of Bengal now currently  lies off the Tamil Nadu coast roughly to the east of Pondicherry.  After its interaction with the Sri Lankan landmass it has weakened a fair bit and is not expected to further loose intensity and possibly drift in a Westward direction towards the interiors of Southern Peninsular India.

With the system now climbing up the latitude the Northern Bands that gave very heavy rains to most parts of North Coastal Tamil Nadu yesterday has shifted up north to give rains to Coastal Andhra Pradesh and parts of Rayalseema & Telengana.


Widespread rains are expected to occur over parts of Coastal AP till about tomorrow morning as the disturbance moves in land the rains will start in the interior places of Peninsular India with parts of South Karnataka, Rayalseema and Telengana getting rains and one or two places in these regions getting heavy rains.

North Coastal TN could see rains reduce from now on with isolated spells expected at a few places.  One off two spells of heavy rains could occur at times.  Later tomorrow interior places of TN could see rain at a few places particularly around the Western TN region.  But with the Well Marked Low the expected rains could be far lesser than originally anticipated.

Chennai Weather Update: Chennai to remain cloudy tomorrow with spells of on and off rains.  Occasionally heavy rains could happen.