Well Marked Low in Bay of Bengal on its way towards Coastal Tamil Nadu

In a major fillip to the revival of Northeast Monsoon the Low in Bay of Bengal has intensified into a Well Marked Low last night and is expected to become a depression within the next 24 hours or so.  Currently lying to the ESE of Sri Lanka about 1000 kms from Batticaloa it is expected to track NW towards Coastal Tamil Nadu intensifying on its way to a Depression and reaching the shores of Tamil Nadu around 1st evening / late night.


Most models are fairly consistent on the path the Low in Bay of Bengal is expected to take with some minor variations in time frame by about 12 hours or so.  As things stand the coastal stretch between Nagappattinam & Mahabalipuram is likely to be the region where the system would possibly make a landfall as a Depression or a Deep Depression.


As far as rains go we are likely to see increase in rainfall activity from early morning of December 1st with the peak rain happening possibly from 1st evening till early morning of December 2nd.  Once again the coastal stretch between Delta districts and North Coastal Tamil Nadu will be the biggest beneficiaries from this disturbance.  With models indicating a possible movement across Peninsular India we are likely to see the interior regions also derive some benefit as the system possibly moves as a weak low towards Arabian Sea.

All in all things are placed well for the much needed rains to return back to Tamil Nadu.  We will continue to provide regular updates on the progress of the system and the impact areas.