Weekend Rain Updates – Tamil Nadu

With the easterly rains a fair possibility now its time to put out the rainfall update that’s expected from the low pressure trough over the South  Bay.

Going by the charts rains for South Tamil Nadu looks a strong possibility.  Fairly wide spread rains for South Tamil Nadu and also places along the Western Ghats as well along with the adjoining areas of Kerala.  A few places in this patch could get fairly heavy rains as well.  Coonoor could see the repeat of last week’s rains.

A few places over Central and Western Tamil Nadu could also get rains though it may not be widespread but one or two places especially along the Karnataka / Tamil Nadu border could end up with huge spells.  May be places around Hosur / Dharmapuri could get a few spells of heavy rains.

North Coastal Tamil Nadu in all probability might miss out on these rains thanks to being under the effect of a fairly HPA over Central Bay.  We might have to live with hot and humid weather with overcast skies and murky weather, there could be isolated rains in one or two places but unlikely there would be any heavy spells over North Coastal Tamil Nadu.  As much as we would like Chennai could continue to have its dry spell.