Weather in South India to turn cooler during nights

The last week or so Weather in South India saw fairly cloudy conditions on account of which the night time temperatures were mostly above normal across the region.  On an average the temperatures were about 2 – 4° higher than the historical average at this time of the year.

As we have explained in the past under cloudy skies the day time ground heat does not find a way to radiate back to the atmosphere.   This has an effect on the night time temperatures resulting in warmer than normal minimum temperatures.  Now with the rain event pretty much winding up and the turn of dry weather in South India coming up we could see clearer skies over the region. The next fortnight or so is going to be fairly dry weather across South India except for isolated pockets over South Coastal Tamil Nadu.

Thanks to the clear skies the day time temperatures are expected to increase over most parts of the region with the West Coast once again in line to see high day time temperatures in the region of 35°C & above.  Similarly most parts of Telengana is likely to see high day time temperatures.  Interior Places in TN could see moderately hot days with few places in South TN expected to touch 33°C .

Night time temperatures are expected to be a couple of notches lower across the region with the interior places seeing on an average night time temperatures in the region 16 – 18°C.  One or two places around the Dharmpuri / Krishnagiri / Tirupathur region could see night time minimum temperatures touch about 15°C

Chennai is expected to see a moderately warm day with day time temperature around 30 / 31°C.  Partly cloudy skies in the morning would give away during late afternoon.  Night time minimum temperatures are expected to drop to about 21°C while one or two suburbs in the Western & Southern parts of the city could see temperatures drop lower than 20°C.