Weather in Chennai showcases its best, Hot conditions right through the day

Last evening saw Weather in Chennai at its best playing all those points which people talk about when it comes to weather in Chennai.  Hot right through the day, a very uncomfortable evening that was possibly showing no signs of becoming any better even around midnight.  It is not very often one gets to see 32°C even at midnight indicating how bad things got last evening.


It is not often one gets to see the peak temperatures for the day hit at 5:00 in the evening.  The late evening temperatures peaking is something which is associated with temperature pattern in the interior regions and not in coastal areas as land based heating tends to create late evening peaks.  During late May / June Weather in Chennai sees this pattern of temperature peaking later in the day as Westerlies dominate preventing sea breeze to make any sort of headway.  Yesterday saw the conditions resemble more of June / July than mid August.


Not much respite is expected today as well with temperatures around Chennai expected to stay around 37 degrees and possibly sea breeze not making any headway around.  Numerical Models indicate places to the South of Chennai could get some respite through Southerlies & weak Sea Breeze but most of Chennai and its suburbs are likely to see still breeze conditions indicating what is likely to be another very uncomfortable evening with temperatures staying around 33 degrees even as late as 8 / 9 PM like yesterday.


Most parts of Peninsular India are likely to see dry conditions except for parts of West Coast which is likely to see moderate rains at few places in Kerala & Coastal Karnataka.  One or two places in the Ghat sections could see moderate to heavy spells of rains.  The Monsoon Depression lying over Northwest Bay is likely to bring heavy rains into East India with one or two places in Gangetic West Bengal expected to record very heavy spells of rains at times.