Warmer than normal nights over interior TN

Weather Update

As mentioned in our post couple of days back while the rains have eased across Tamil Nadu the typical winter conditions have not yet set completely. The night time minimum temperatures have been staying well above normal across most parts of South India with even places like Bengaluru recording around 17°C / 18°C as night time minimum temperatures.

North and Central India though is reeling under cold wave conditions that is expected to persist for the next couple of days. The strengthening of continental winds from the Northwest could be attributed to this abnormally cold weather. Weather models indicate many places to the North of Deccan plateau region could see night time minimum temperatures stay 3 / 4°C below normal.

Southern parts of Peninsular India though will continue to see dry weather prevail with warmer than normal nights due to the persistence of weak Easrerlies. While some models indicate light rainfall activity to happen around early next week due to the presence of the Easterlies it remains to be seen if it would indeed materialize.