Warm Weather in Tamil Nadu, Increase in Day time Temp.

The last couple of days has seen weather in Tamil Nadu move up a notch in terms of temperatures.  On Wednesday Chennai recorded its highest of the season crossing 33°C for the first time.  Interior places of Tamil Nadu have also been seeing increase in day time temperatures with places like Salem, Madurai & Karur seeing maximum temperatures cross 34°C daily for the last few days.

While the Low Pressure Area in Bay continues to persist near Andaman it is not seeing much intensification thanks to the development of its southern sibling.


As things stand models indicate this LPA to move in a more W/SW direction which could possibly play a role in how much impact Tamil Nadu will have in the days to come. Today Andaman & Nicobar Islands could see some rains with one or two places getting fairly heavy spells of rains.  Similarly thanks to the trough at surface level running along the west coast parts of Kerala could see a spell or two of rains.


Most parts of Peninsular India would continue to see high day time temperatures in the region of about 36° over the interior regions of Andhra & Telengana.  Weather in Tamil Nadu will continue to be warm across the state with interiors seeing a fairly hot day at most places.  One or two places could see temperatures touch 35°C .  Coastal areas could see temperatures around 32 / 33°C during the day.  The nights are expected to remain warm under partly cloudy skies.

Chennai is expected to see day time maximum temperature touch around 32 / 33°C with partly cloudy skies in the morning giving way to clearer skies during the afternoon.   Night time minimum temperature will continue to be around 23 / 24°C.