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While warm conditions prevail over South India, last couple of days have seen hailstorms in Maharashtra with one or two places in the Interior districts getting fairly heavy rains.  Yesterday also saw quite a few places in Telengana & a few places in North Karnataka also get some rains bringing respite from the heat.

Since the turn of the week a combination of wind induced instability & the day time heating has resulted in rains & hailstorms in Maharashtra.  Yesterday saw fairly heavy rainfall around the Sahayadri hills and also parts of Vidharbha.  Today similar conditions exist to bring in rainfall over the region with hailstorms in one or two places.


In the meanwhile most parts of Gujarat will continue to see heat wave like conditions with temperatures in the region of 37 / 38°C.  A couple of days back all the 5 hottest places of the day was in Gujarat and it would be no surprise if similar such event happens today as well.


Peninsular India will continue to be warm with the West coast all the way from Konkan to Kerala boiling with day time temperatures expected to touch around 37°C.  Similar conditions might existing in parts of Telengana & adjoining Chhatisgarh & Odisha.

Interior places of Tamil Nadu will see the maximum temperature touch around 35°C with coastal places hovering around 33°C.   Isolated rains are likely in one or two places in South Tamil Nadu with places in Tirunelveli & Kanyakumari district the likely beneficiaries of these spells of rains. Chennai will see a fairly warm day at around 33°C with the nights & mornings remaining humid as has been the case for the last few days.