Wait for Northeast Monsoon Onset to end soon

Yesterday saw parts of Chennai receive spells of isolated rains in many places in the morning.  The IMD automatic weather station in Nungambakkam received 5 mm rains from these spells which was heavy in places like Kodambakkam, Arumbakkam etc.  

Northeast Monsoon Update : With both sides of the Indian Peninsula having a tropical disturbance developing all eyes are now on the Bay system to bring in rains to the East coast of Southern Peninsula.  As explained in our post yesterday the Arabian Sea disturbance has now evolved into Low Pressure Area and could become a Well Marked Low and is expected to intensify into a Tropical Storm in the days to come.

With the development of the Arabian Sea disturbance the chances for Bay to host a strong disturbance of its own gets diminished.  There is wide variance in how the current Low Pressure Area in Bay of Bengal would evolve over the next few days though there is some consistency in the possible NW track towards the east coast of India.  The Low Pressure Area could possibly skirt along the East coast of India and move in a N/NW direction over the next couple of days brushing the coastal areas of Central & North Tamil Nadu.


Tamil Nadu Weather Update: Partly cloudy skies over most parts of the state with spells of rains along the coastal region of North Tamil Nadu during early morning today.  As the day progresses areas of South Tamil Nadu could receive spells of rains around Tirunelveli & Thoothukudi.  Later midnight onwards the rains could return back to North Coastal TN with places around Pondicherry enjoying a good spell or two.  As the spells of rains become more regular and increased we could see the onset of Northeast Monsoon

Chennai Weather Update: Cloudy start to the day with spells of showers in a few areas around morning.  Day time temperature could be around 32°C with spells of on and off isolated rains.  More areas could see spells of rains after midnight around early morning of 28th.