Veppasalanam Rains to continue over Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

தெய்வம் தொழாஅள் கொழுநன் தொழுதெழுவாள்
பெய்யெனப் பெய்யும் மழை
– குறள் 55, அறத்துப்பால்

பிற தெய்வங்களைத் தொழாமல் கணவனையே தெய்வமாகத் தொழுது வாழும் மனைவி, பெய் என்று சொன்னால் மழை பெய்யும்

While Thiruvalluvar talks of the virtue of a pious wife in the above Thirukkural, ask any weather blogger around India, particularly the ones giving daily updates for places like Tamil Nadu. They will express their anguish about the number of times when what appeared like best conditions for thunderstorms to form both in Model outputs & real life conditions did not result in any thunderstorm what so ever ending not only in a big disappointment but a lot of egg on the face as well.

Similarly weather models will indicate perfect conditions for one part of the state while the actual event ends up taking diversion to another part of the state ending up a couple of hundred kms away catching one set of people off guard while once again disappointing the other set of people. Tropical climate is many a times tough for global scale weather models, while Peninsular India has been the graveyard for these models many a times. Warm seas on three sides, mildly climbing Deccan Plateau over the interior areas, Two vastly different mountain ranges close to the coast add to the complex conditions already aggravated by being closer to the equator. Hopefully in the days to come the development of more high resolution mesoscale models focusing on Peninsular India will see the light of the day as weather enthusiasts & bloggers take a giant leap towards weather modelling.

In the meanwhile today once again conditions look ripe for Veppasalanam Rains to happen across most parts of Tamil Nadu with mid level wind instabilities seen over Peninsular India. Also the presence of clear skies during the early part of the day will aid convective process as well all of which indicates the continuing thunderstorms today over many parts of the state. Last couple of days have been good that way with isolated places getting good rains from these thunderstorms, Saturday saw parts of North TN around Cuddalore / Villuppuram & Thanjavur dts get good rains while yesterday saw parts of Dinidugl & Madurai dt receive heavy spells of rains. Today weather models indicate fairly widespread rains, with sea breeze likely to play a role places like Chennai & Suburbs could also catch a spell or two of rains.