Veppa Salanam Rains to continue in Interior Tamil Nadu

It is an irony the season of Veppa Salanam Rains, a term popularized by Dr. Ramanan of IMD, starts in earnest effect a few days after the retirement of the man.   In our yesterday’s post we had written about possible rains for Interior Tamil Nadu around the Erode / Hosur / Dharmapuri region.  While the rains did not happen exactly in these locations but happened slightly to the West of this belt with Ammapettai about 40 kms away from Erode has received about 74 mm rains according to the Agricultural University AWS there.


South Tamil Nadu and parts of Kerala are likely to see spells of heavy rains towards the evening under the influence of LWD with places around the Western Ghats best placed for these spells of rains. Today also we are likely to see Veppa Salanam Rains in Interior Tamil Nadu with place around Madurai, Dindigul, Erode, Namakkal & Trichy expected to see overnight rains.  Thanks to a heat induced upper level convergence we are likely to see a moisture drag from the Bay of Bengal at lower levels along the interior parts of Tamil Nadu and South Karnataka.

This will be aided by the day time ground heat which radiates back to the atmosphere creating an unstable atmosphere around the region triggering thunderstorms later in the night.  Places around Madurai in South Tamil Nadu are expected to see a CAPE of around 2000 Jouls which is going to mix up things as well creating conducive environment for these thunderstorms.  All in All it is going to be a perfect day for Veppa Salanam Rains for Interior Tamil Nadu.

Coastal areas could see cloudy weather in the morning thanks to the Easterlies bringing in some moisture.  One or two places in the South Coast could see light showers around early morning.  In terms of temperature expect another hot day across  most parts of interior Tamil Nadu with temperatures averaging around 37 / 38°C.  Coastal belt could see a moderately hot day around 35°C.  Chennai could possibly see Easterly Sea breeze setting in earlier compared to the last few days.