Uncomfortable Evenings in Chennai to continue

Chennai has been seeing hot days coupled with uncomfortable evenings and late nights thanks to the pretty much poor support from sea breeze on most days.  Since the start of the week almost on a daily basis the Easterly sea breeze has been showing only for a couple of hours around or after sunset and the winds turn back to Westerly by around 8 PM making the minimum temperature stay quite high even around midnight.  Today also we are likely to see similar conditions exist in Chennai.

In the meanwhile Southwest Monsoon continues to be stalled around 15N latitude for the last 5 days in the West Coast with no movement expected over the next day or two.  If one were to look at the performance of Monsoon so far the trend has been showing up as well with only Peninsular India continuing to be in the positive zone while rest of the country is all in negative zone except for one or two sub divisions.


Overall the country is about 25% in deficit as of 15th June with about 20 sub divisions in deficit or worse category.  Things are expected to improve once the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation forms around 17th May as expected by IMD around the Central Bay


Back home the temperatures in Tamil Nadu is likely to be slightly lesser than the last few days.  North Tamil Nadu will continue to be the hottest region in South India.  Yesterday saw some of the coastal places of Tamil Nadu like Puducherry, Adirampattinam, Cuddalore etc crossing 39 degrees making it a very uncomfortable day.  Things are expected to be slightly better today.  Chennai will see a day time max temperature of around 37 degrees with Westerly breeze keeping control for most of the day.  Weak Sea Breeze may be expected around evening though the respite is likely to be very less in terms of temperature reduction.