Typical late winter Day Ahead for Chennai

As we get into February Chennai goes through its last phase of winter days when the days tend to get warmer while the early morning chillness continues to persist.  The early part of the day and late evenings tend to be very comfortable & pleasant during this time of the year.  Thanks to the overall suppressed atmospheric conditions the humidity also tends to stay low during most time of the day making it less sticker than the typical Chennai Humidity that we tend to associate the city for most of the year.

The next few days are likely to stay text book style with warm days and cool mornings ahead with no synoptic conditions expected to rock these late winter days.

Most of South India is likely to stay seasonal with the Northern areas of Deccan Plateau possibly seeing slightly warmer than normal day time temperatures under the influence of the moderate Easterlies holding sway over the region.  Most of Tamil Nadu is likely to stay along the average day time weather conditions though a few places in North TN could see marginally warmer than normal day.

Nights are expected to cool with early morning mist at many places of North Tamil Nadu and the adjoining areas of Rayalaseema & South Interior Karnataka region.  The minimum temperatures in the region are expected to stay a degree or two lower than normal for the next couple of days under the influence of the Seasonal High Pressure that holds sway over weather at this time of the year.

Chennai is likely to see day time temperatures of around 30°C while night time minimum in the city areas could be around 21°C while suburbs could see temperatures drop to around 20°C possibly Meenambakkam could record the first sub 20°C of 2017 if the land breeze stays strong during the morning.

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