Trend of Warm Weather in Chennai to continue

While Weather in Chennai has been fairly warm over the last week or so without being oppressively hot thanks to the moderation from the surface level Easterlies almost right through the day.  Day time temperatures have been hovering around 32/33°C while nights have started to become warm and sticky an indication of the ensuing summer.

In the meanwhile it is likely to almost a week of heavy rains and hailstorms for parts of Maharashtra as today also the state is likely to receive rains.  These spell of rains are likely to be heavy around Pune, Ahmed Nagar & Kolhapur region with one or two places in line to receive possible hailstorms as well.  3_3_1While parts of North Karnataka also could receive spells of rains particularly around Belgaum and adjoining Western Ghats region the heavier spells of rains are likely to be restricted to the interior places of Maharashtra


Temperatures in South India will continue to be warm with west coast seeing day time maximum touching around 37°C like the last few days.  The entire west coast from Konkan to Kerala will be seeing higher temperatures than the rest of the region.  In the interior places parts of Telengana could see the day time temperatures reach the high 30s’ indicating a potentially hot day in the area.

Tamil Nadu will see warmer temperatures in the interior regions with mostly day time max temperatures being around 34/35°C.   There is a possibility of one or two places in North Interior Tamil Nadu around Vellore / Tiruttani could see the day time temperature climb around 36/37°C.

Weather in Chennai is expected to be warm during the day with the max temperature being close to 32/33°C while nights will be warm and sticky with the minimum temperatures in the region of around 25°C.