Thunderstorms return, Tamil Nadu set for an active spell

Thunderstorms returned back to Tamil Nadu after a brief absence as quite a few places in the state recorded good spells of rains yesterday in Vellore, Tiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram districts.  One or two places in Trichy, Thanjavur & Madurai districts also recorded moderate rains.  The highlight of the day has to be Kalavai which recorded 66 mm in one hour between 1:30 & 2:30 AM.

Closer home, Chennai recorded light to moderate rains in many parts of the city during the evening while Hindustan University & Avadi recorded good rains in two individual spells.  Hindustan University recorded more than 3 cms in an hour around midnight.  With remnant thunderstorms still lingering there could be some light shower in one or two places before the clouds clear up for the day.

With Monsoon weakening over the West Coast all things point to an active spell of Thunderstorms over Tamil Nadu in the coming days.  Which part of the state gets benefited will depend on the prevailing wind patters for the day & the genesis location of the initial set of thunderstorms.

Today could be another active day of Thunderstorms once again for many parts of Tamil Nadu with wind instabilities showing up in the models.  While there is a lower level convergence that is ideal to trigger these thunderstorms there could be favorable wind shear patter at upper levels of atmosphere for the thunderstorms to thrive on and travel longer distances.  Early evening thunderstorms could form under convectional heating which with the wind instabilities present in the atmosphere is likely to continue well into the night travelling from the interiors to the coast.

Considering the wind instability the thunderstorms could be spread over wider area today with possibly one or two places in the Delta region fairly heavy spells later in the night.  Since the steering winds are going to be slow the storms are likely to provide heavy rains to those places it passes through while at its intense phase.  Fair chance exists for Chennai and surrounding areas of North Coastal TN as well thanks to the convergence seen to the west of the city.

All in All another good day awaits Tamil Nadu

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