Thunderstorms likely over North TN

Weather Update

Yesterday was another good day of thunderstorms in Tamil Nadu with many parts of the state recording good rains during late evening.  While many parts of Tamil Nadu is enjoying the rains Chennai has been a case of so near yet so far.  During the wee hours of Thursday southern suburbs recorded good rains while last night parts of the city got light to moderate rains though both the IMD observatories did not record any meaningful rains.

Vellore, Tiruvannamalai district along with parts of Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Villupuram & Cuddalore districts recorded good rains yesterday in North TN region while parts of Virudhunagar district in south TN recorded heavy thunderstorm activity late afternoon.  Vrinchipuram a few kms to the west of Vellore recorded nearly 7 cms of rains from late night rains.

As the circulation in Bay of Bengal evolves into a Low Pressure the next couple of days represent a fairly good chance for thunderstorms and associated rains for North Tamil Nadu and adjoining parts of South Andhra Pradesh due to the angle of winds and convergence along with it.  Going by models the angle is favorable for our region to enjoy a spell or two of moderate thunderstorms with heavy spells at times.

With the near misses Chennai has been seeing for the past few days the wait for a good spell of rains could end possibly either today or tomorrow.