Thunderstorms continue over Interior TN

Weather Update
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வெப்பம் and சலனம் are words but for a weather blogger வெப்பசலனம் is an emotion. Roughly translating into Disturbance through Heat this phrase was coined by RMC Chennai during the stint of the very popular Dr. Ramanan. Over the past few years the phrase வெப்பசலனம் காரணமாக மழை possibly is now rivalling phrases like வங்கக்கடலில் புயல் சின்னம், வடகிழக்கு பருவமழை தீவிரம் among the common people.

Partially the reason why thunderstorms have a special place among weather bloggers is the sound and light show it accompanies with and the sudden burst of rains which happens at times. Nagercoil witnessed one such show yesterday evening with more than 7 cms of rains falling in one hour between 3:30 and 4:30 PM.

While the temporary Westerlies has triggered thunderstorms over the past couple of days over the next couple of days the interplay created by the dipping Westerly trough is creating a more pronounced wind convergence zone over Peninsular India stretching all the way from Kerala to East India.

This wind convergence is likely to trigger thunderstorms over interior parts of Tamil Nadu along the Western Ghats over Kerala & Karnataka. One or two places will get a sudden burst of rains triggered by what is likely to be a fairly hot day over Interior TN creating perfect convective activity.

As the Westerly trough moves further East over the next couple of days the thunderstorm zone will get dragged in a NE direction bringing parts of North Interior TN under thunderstorms during the weekend.