Thunderstorm season picks up once again in Tamil Nadu

Nothing gives more excitement than the anticipation of possible spell of rains ahead.  Now Tamil Nadu can look forward to a spell of thunderstorms through convective activity to prevail for a few days ahead.  Tuesday & Wednesday saw extremely isolated spells of rains with South Chennai benefiting from the spells on Wednesday.  Yesterday saw the first round of fairly widespread rains happening over many parts of Delta districts in Coastal Tamil Nadu.

In a season when the delta farmers normally look forward to the Goddess Cauvery helping them in their agricultural activities it will be some solace that the Rain God has decided shower them with some good rains at times.  Yesterday was one such day with many places recording moderate rains during the night.  Senthurai in Ariyalur district recorded nearly 5 cms rains while the TN Agri University Weather station at Thirupanandal was not far behind.

Models continue to indicate hot conditions to prevail across Southern Peninsular India, this is likely to work as a huge advantage for the convective thunderstorm activity over the region.    The above average temperatures mean the air particles are able to climb to a far greater height than what would have been ideally possible under normal circumstances.  This to an extent is ensuring even if the convective equilibrium altitude is higher than normal they are reached triggered by the abnormal heat. The clearer skies during the early part of the day continues to play a positive role in this exercise.  And last but not the least let us not ignore the converging winds of different masses over Peninsular India with creates its own set of unstable atmospheric conditions.

Today is likely to be another good day for most parts of Tamil Nadu.  It could be another day where possibly the coastal areas score higher than the interiors thanks to low level convergence provided by the strong sea breeze front forming for the last few days.  Going by models the hotspot is likely to be between Pondicherry & SHAR once again.  While yesterday was a miss for Chennai with the storms moving south of us, today along with possibly Sunday could be key days for Chennai in the immediate context.

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