Things setting up for Pre Monsoon Thunderstorms

Weather Update

யானை வரும் பின்னே மணி ஓசை வரும் முன்னே is a very famous Tamil proverb indicating one can understand the arrival of the elephant even before its actual physical arrival by keen observing the sounds made by the bell. Similarly if one were to keep observing weather factors it is easy to watch out for the bell noise before the arrival of the rainy season. In this case the bell noise is the movement of Sun’s rays which preludes the arrival of ITCZ (Intertropical Convergence Zone), the powerhouse of Monsoons.

Wind Charts & satellite images indicate things could fall in place for the action to shift towards Northern Hemisphere as the sun’s rays touch down over the Equator on the 21st March. As the land over Indian Sub Continent heats up under the relentless Summer sun, the pre monsoon thunderstorms become the trailer for the Main Monsoon Picture with wind changing directions slowly from the Seasonal Easterlies to the Westerlies.