Things Look Better for Chennai Rains today as TN enjoys rainy spell

The last couple of days have been touch and go for Chennai Rains.  The day before was pretty much quite for places in and around Chennai.   Yesterday was better though it was mostly light passing showers at many places while Anna Univeristy got about 5 mm rains among all observatories in Chennai.  KVK Kaattupakkam, near Guduvanchery, got about 12 mm from the moderate thunderstorms in the evening.


Quite a few places in Dharmapuri & Vellore districts got moderate rains with Palacode getting about 22 mm rains yesterday while delta districts got some rains for the 3rd straight day.  Theni district also got rains for the second straight day with Andipatti getting 29 mm rains.

The last couple of days the wind pattern was not favorable for the Coastal Places particularly the stretch between Pondy & Chennai.  Things certainly look better on paper based on model outputs today with a more conducive wind pattern.


Thanks to an expected temporary upper level circulation to the East of Chennai we could possibly see thunderstorms make some movement towards the Coast providing rainfall opportunities.  Like yesterday models indicate one or two places in Vellore & surrounding areas to receive moderate to heavy rains while we could possibly see more places receive moderate spells of rains today in Tamil Nadu.

Things certainly look better for a spell of Chennai Rains today under the favorable wind pattern, while it appears the places to the West of the city could possibly enjoy the better spells there is a fair chance for one or two heavy spells to hit Chennai as well with possibly better chance for Midnight spells of rains today for the city.