Temperature in Tamil Nadu set to increase once again

The last few days temperature in Tamil Nadu while being hot has not been oppressively hot in the interior places while coastal places were moderated by the Easterly winds keeping the temperature in check.  This was too good to last all the while as the wind patterns are expected to be shifted around slightly.

In continuing with conditions similar to the last couple of days parts of Bangladesh & Northeast India are expected to see isolated thunderstorms hit the region with one or two places expected to receive fairly heavy showers in Eastern part of Bangladesh and adjoining parts of Assam, Meghalaya & Tripura.


Some areas in the Deccan Plateau could also be in line to receive some rains due to the wind discontinuity existing between Chhattisgarh & North Interior Karnataka running along Telengana.  Similar conditions aided by an Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation off the Comorin coast could provide some rains to parts of Kerala & Karnataka along with possibly isolated rains in one or two places of extreme South Tamil Nadu.


In the meanwhile Temperature in Tamil Nadu is set to rise once again with interior places seeing the day time temperatures inch closer to 39 degrees at many places.  Coastal areas are also expected to see hotter day time conditions compared to the last few days as the winds are expected to become more Southerly than Southeasterly which was moderating the day time temperatures.

Chennai is likely to see maximum temperature in the region of 35 / 36  degrees over the next few days as Numerical models indicate a potentially 2 degree above average temperatures in the coming days.