Telengana likely to be under heavy spell of rains, mostly dry weather in TN

After two continuous days of intense rains weather in Chennai was mostly cloudy and dull yesterday with a quite day on the rain front as well.  The day was marked by the absence of sea breeze front which did not move inland at all making it an uncomfortable evening though the overall temperature for the day did not climb above 32 degrees right through the day under cloudy skies.

All in all it was a day of murky weather for Chennai which could possibly continue today as well. Today though models are indicating possibly the sea breeze to move inland over parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu.  But looking at the charts it appears the possibility of an organized sea breeze front looks less likely with some scrambled surface winds showing up.  This could mean possibly a mostly quite day on the weather front for North Coastal Tamil Nadu. Isolated thunderstorms could form in one or two places but things could resemble yesterday rather than Friday / Saturday when intense thunderstorms swept parts of Chennai


In the meanwhile the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation that continues to persist over North AP / Odisha coast is likely to trigger heavy to very heavy rains over parts of Telengana as it moves in a W/NW direction over Peninsular India.   The rains are expected to be moderate to heavy in the adjoining parts of Andhra, Chhattisgarh, Vidharba regions as well though the heaviest could be around Telengana region with Hyderabad possibly seeing one or two very heavy spells of rains over the next 24 hours or so.


Chennai is likely to see maximum temperature in the region of around 33 / 34 degrees with partly cloudy skies prevailing for most part of the day.  Weak Sea Breeze could move in around 3 PM though chances of it triggering any intense thunderstorms looks less likely as things stand.