Telengana faces floods as rains continue. Hot conditions to prevail over Tamil Nadu

Telengana and Andhra has been facing heavy rains for the last few days under the influence of the Well Marked Low now lying over the region.  While the rains have eased over Andhra Pradesh the situation has been turning grim for Telengana state as rains have been continuing.  With more rains forecasted things could be come critical for the state particularly around the Vidharbha / Chhattisgarh / Telengana border areas.  As the stalled Low Pressure continues to make very slow progress of moving across the Peninsular India it is expected to give heavy rains once again to the Deccan Plateau areas around the Northern fringes.


In the meanwhile the Southern Parts of Peninsular India presents a complete contrast to the Northern parts with crystal clear skies expected.  A look at satellite image shows the dichotomy that exists within the Peninsular India.  This clearer skies along with stiff Westerlies that has been blowing across Peninsular India has resulted in the day time temperatures staying very high over South Tamil Nadu. Today also places in South TN around Madurai are expected to see day time maximum of around 38 degrees as dry summer like weather continues over the region.


There is some chance of some isolated thunderstorms over North Coastal Tamil Nadu. Though convective instability is forecasted by models the region is under severe suppressed conditions which could prevent intense thunderstorm forming.  Additionally thanks to the Westerlies sea breeze front is expected to struggle to move inland to provide necessary trigger for the thunderstorms as well.