Tamil Nadu Weather – Widespread Rains Lash Interior TN

Many parts of Interior Tamil Nadu saw widespread rains last night with some of the heaviest spells happening over the Delta region in Central Tamil Nadu.  Thuvakudi near Trichy and Devakottai in Sivaganga district got close to 8 cms of rains during late evening yesterday.

Southwest Monsoon Update: The Monsoon trough is now firmly established over the Gangetic Plains adjacent to the Himalayan Foothills with the Trough for the first time this season branching to the East while continuing to have a Southward dip into Bay of Bengal.   The Low with associated UAC is now over Bihar providing rains over East India.  The rains are expected to continue over many parts of East & Northeast India while some parts of Rajasthan getting benefit from a localized UAC over NW India.  Western Coast is expected to benefit from the good lower level moisture incursion provided by the Cross Equatorial Winds.   Parts of Konkan & Ghat region of Maharasthra could get some decent rains today along with MP, Chhatisgarh.  Southern Peninsular India is going to benefit immensely from the confluence of winds created by the UAC in South bay as it moves in a WNW direction towards Arabian Sea.  Most parts of South Interior Karnataka, Rayalseema will get rains today with a few places getting heavy rains as well.  Kerala could see its heaviest spell of #Monsoon2015 over the next couple of days.


Tamil Nadu Weather Update : Tamil Nadu received widespread heavy rains for the second day in a row last night with places in the Delta region getting heavy rains.  Crucially almost all districts of interior Tamil Nadu has been receiving good rains including the ones in Western TN like Vellore, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri etc that has had poor #Monsoon2015 so far.  The rains are expected to continue today as well with many places in Western & Central Tamil Nadu getting good rains.  There is a likely hood of some heavy rains over Nilgiris district as well that could create potential hazard situation.  North Coastal Tamil Nadu will have to pray for favorable wind support for the storms to reach towards the coast as the steering winds have been very weak over the last couple of days.

Chennai Weather Update: Pleasant Morning with partly cloudy skies.   Expect the day to be comfortable at around 35°C though high humidity is on the cards.  Towards evening some areas could receive spells of rains from remnant thunderstorms moving in from the West.