Tamil Nadu Weather – Isolated Rains to continue over South TN

Heavy overnight rains lashed parts of Kanyakumari district.  Nagercoil has received 57 mm till 3:30 AM while Neyyoor has received 16 mm rains.  The Agri University AWS of Rajakkamangalam has received 64 mm till 4:00 AM while Kurunthancode has received 48 mm for the same period.

In West Pacific news Super Typhoon Koppu made landfall over the Luzon region of Philippines and is expected to stay over Land for more than 3 days bringing in extremely heavy rains probabilities for most places and a serious risk of flooding and landslides


Most parts of India continues to be under the influence of Continental Air from the Middle East with clear skies greeting people all across the county except few isolated pockets.

West Coast will possibly get a few spells of rains under the influence of the weak Upper Air Circulation off Comorin coast while most parts of Southern Peninsular India will be dry.


Tamil Nadu Weather Update: South TN will continue to get isolated rains under the influence of weak Easterlies that seems to push till about the latitude of Nagapattinam.   The coastal zone from Nagapattinam till Kanyakumari also stand a decent chance of some isolated rains.  North TN will be under the influence of Dry Air moving in from Central India that pretty much spoils any rain chance for the coastal belt of North TN though one or two places could get spells of passing showers.

Chennai Weather Update: Partly cloudy skies thanks to the remnant easterly moisture coming in with a day time temperature of around 33°C.  While the temperature would be comfortable thanks to the surface level winds from the East high humidity could create decrease the comfort factor.  Rain prospects appear remote for today as well