Tamil Nadu Weather – Heat Wave Continues

Yesterday saw Nungambakkam touch 40.1ºC as day time max temperature.  Similarly Pondicherry saw 40.9ºC which is now the highest ever temperature recorded at Pondy for the month of July.

Today the conditions are expected to be similar with North Coastal Tamil Nadu under extreme heat conditions with the surface level winds blowing from the Northwest bringing in Dry & Hot air towards the coastal regions.

Tamil Nadu Weather Update: North Coastal Tamil Nadu would be under the merciless sun today with blazing winds from the Northwest keeping the temperature high.  It would not be a surprise if Pondicherry breaks its all time record high for July once again today.  Cuddalore, Puducherry & Chennai could top 40ºC today.  Firm chance for one or two places to touch 41ºC as well.  There is a some isolated thunderstorm possibilities in the Chengalpattu to Chidambaram stretch of North Coastal Tamil Nadu.  These would be extremely isolated and possibly only a few spells of rains.


Chennai Weather Update:  Another extremely hot and uncomfortable day on the horizon.  Weak Sea Breeze expected around 2 PM could provide some comfort towards late evening.  The day time max temperature is expected to stay above 40ºC with a very good possibility of Chennai breaking its all time record of highest temperature in July 41.1ºC set over 100 years back. Chennai did not see July touch 40ºC in any year after 2006 but this year we have already seen two days touch 40ºC and possibly a few more on the way before this week ends up.  Brace yourself and sweat it out friends there is no other choice available for us.