Tamil Nadu Weather, Fair Weather expected for the state

With the Trough of Low showing signs of weakening completely clear weather is ahead for most parts of Tamil Nadu Except for one or two places which saw moderate rains in Tamil Nadu weather was clear for mostly across the state.

Except for the passing showers on Saturday in and around Chennai North TN has been fairly clear for most days since December 10th. South TN & Delta region continued to have on and off showers through these days though thanks to the Easterlies being active at lower latitudes.

Northeast Monsoon Update: It appears as we head to the new year across Tamil Nadu weather could be clear and sunny mostly indicating the potential winding down of Northeast Monsoon. With the trough of low weakening thanks to the friction impact of the Sri Lankan Highlands the rains have slowed down faster than models anticipated.   With Bay not in conducive environment for the rejuvenation of the Trough we could see rains wind down crucially though while models are not expecting a possible revival in the Arabian Sea, an eye needs to be maintained over that thanks to this being an El Nino Year.


While over the next couple of days we could see the coastal areas of South Tamil Nadu get some on and off showers these are going to be isolated and moderate at best.  One or two places along the Western Ghats could receive a heavy spell or two during the day but overall the rains are expected to wind down in Delta & South Tamil Nadu region as well.

Chennai Weather Update: Above normal day time temperatures expected to continue though it should be closer to normal than the last week.  All in all the day time temperatures are expected to be around 30°C making it a fairly comfortable Winter day.   Night time temperatures would continue to remain about 2 / 3°C above normal settling around 23°C minimum.  This pattern is expected to continue until the turn of the year possibly.