Tamil Nadu Weather – Dry Weather expected to continue

Yesterday saw most parts of Tamil Nadu have a dry weather with extremely isolated rains over South TN with only Lower Kothaiyar in Kanyakumrai district and Kamudhi in Ramanathapuram district receiving meaningful rains.

Southwest Monsoon is expected to withdraw from more places in the next day or two as the shift to Northeast Monsoon season gets activated once again.  The withdrawal process was temporarily stalled thanks to the Deep Depression in Arabian Sea.

On the rains front almost all of the country is expected to go through a fair weather day with day time temperature expected to be higher than normal at most parts of the country.

The situation is expected to be the same in Southern Peninsular India as well with parts of Coastal AP and Telengana seeing above normal temperatures.


Tamil Nadu Weather Update: Warm dry day for most parts of the state with Coastal TN from Chennai to Nagapattinam and parts of delta districts around Trichy seeing a possible day time high of 35°C.  Parts of Kanyakumari & Tirunvelveli districts could received heavy spells of rains in the afternoon today, otherwise it is going to be a wait for the Northeast Monsoon onset

Chennai Weather Update: Another warm day with temperature expected to be around 35°C.  Expect early mornings & late night temperature to come down thanks to the Dry Air incursion but humidity will continue to be high thanks to the Easterly winds.