Tamil Nadu Weather – Clear day ahead for most places

With rains slowing down in most parts of Tamil Nadu Weather is expected to be fairly clear across the state.  While North Tamil Nadu has been seeing dry weather for the last week or so South Tamil Nadu continued to see some rains along the extreme southern parts of the state.

Tamil Nadu Weather Update: As one could observe from the chart below, the entire East Coast all the way from Central AP to South TN is under the influence of Easterlies without any moisture.  Thanks to the High Pressure over Peninsular India the Easterlies are dry and are the reason for the lack of rains over most parts of Tamil Nadu.


Possibly one or two places in extreme South TN particularly the areas around the Western Ghats could receive some isolated rains but most parts of the state is going to see Dry Weather.  Day time temperatures are expected to be around 30°C in the plains along the coastal region while interior places could see a degree or so lesser.  Night time temperature is expected to come down by a degree or so across the state.

Chennai Weather Update: Clear Dry day ahead with day time temperature around 30°C.  Early morning temperature expected to drop by  a degree or two and could possibly settle around 21°C tomorrow morning.  All in all a prelude to a perfect winter day

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