Tamil Nadu Rains over a few Interior places Expected

After playing hide and seek for a couple of days the rains finally happened last evening though it was far too isolated to provide comfort to all of us. Places to the North & West of Chennai got the heaviest rains.  Poonamallee to our west got about 30 mm rains while the Weather Station at Nungambakkam got only 1 mm.  The weather station near Marina fared better by getting about 3 mm.

While it is disappointing for us to miss out on rains Nature has all the cards as far as it goes and we will have to accept it and move on.  On the positive side we had a very pleasant day on Monday where the temperature did not even touch 32 Degrees, a rarity during the hot and sultry June Months.  Chennai had a pleasant evening yesterday and today morning is very pleasant as well while putting up this post.  The UAC is now off North AP coast and is pretty  much becoming a fading factor in the weather equations for Chennai and in a couple of days time when the expected disturbance over Arabian Sea materializes we will be back to our Hot days.  Let us enjoy what ever little spells of rains & Pleasant weather we get in the meanwhile.


For Tamil Nadu rains are possible over a few interior places depending on how events pan out during the day, these could be triggered by heat induced instability along the North TN & South AP coast.  The wind conditions are not favorable for Chennai to get benefit out of these possible rains though there is a faint possibility of some of the stronger TS forming over the interiors coming closer to the coast.