Tamil Nadu Rains Isolated Thunderstorms on the cards

With SWM Onset firmly over Tamil Nadu, we saw the first instance of firm steering pattern, and the thunderstorms that formed in the western areas of Chennai not dissipate before reaching the coast.  This resulted in early morning rains for many parts of Chennai, with southern suburbs enjoying the better share.

The conditions are expected to continue today as well with some possibility of thunderstorms developing over the North Interior Tamil Nadu rains could be heavy in a few places.  Some of these thunderstorms are expected to move towards Chennai providing rainfall opportunities for the coastal region.  The exact quantum is difficult to predict with these thunderstorms and similarly these are more often than not isolated hence some times it may happen we may not get rains while our friends a few kms down the road would have got rains.Weather_mapToday’s Contest.  Which of the following stations will get minimum of 1 cm rains as per the IMD 8:30 AM Daily Weather report tomorrow.

Chennai Nungambakkam