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For the 3rd straight day in Tamil Nadu rains continued at many places with once again North Tamil Nadu region getting fairly wide spread rains.  Villupuram, Salem, Vellore, Tiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram & Dharmapuri districts benefited from the rains last night.  While Chennai once again missed out on the rains last evening many areas in South & West of the city received fairly heavy spells of rains of around 30 minutes in the evening.  The COMK AWS at Anna Nagar recorded about 18 mm of rains from this spell.  Though Nungambakkam missed out on rains yesterday Meenambakkam recorded about 1 mm rains indicating the patchy nature of the rains around Chennai.Weather_Update_2

West coast is likely to see heavy rains continue today as well under the influence of the UAC over West coast as well in addition to the off shore trough that exists at mean sea level.  Another key trigger that is aiding the rains in Peninsular India is the presence of the East West Shear Zone that continues to trigger the instability to bring rains to the interior areas of the region.


It is likely to be another day of Tamil Nadu rains today as well with North Tamil Nadu seeing isolated thunderstorms in the region with one or two places getting moderate rains.  We could see the coastal stretch between Chennai & Pondicherry get these rains mostly under the influence of the UAC that is present off the coast of North TN / South AP.  The location rains will primarily depend on how the moisture drag is created by the UAC with the angle of incursion deciding the benefiting areas.

Chennai could mostly see cloudy skies with spells of drizzle / passing showers in a few areas particularly around the Southern suburbs during the early part of the day.  There exists some chance of late evening thunderstorms to develop around the city but we will have to wait and see how the wind patterns evolve during the day for parts of Chennai to receive these rains.


As a fringe benefit of the UAC most of Tamil Nadu is likely to be under cloudy skies with spells of sunshine in between but with moisture being fairly high at all levels the temperatures are likely to be much below normal with places like Chennai and surrounding areas of North Coastal TN looking at a day time maximum of around 31 / 32 degrees.