Suppressed Weather in Tamil Nadu conditions to continue till Christmas

After a couple of days rains in South TN suppressed weather in Tamil Nadu is all set to hold fort for the next few days with the overall atmospheric conditions over North Indian Ocean expected to be in subdued phase with pretty much dry conditions expected.  While the overall expectation is for rains to make a comeback once again to give some respite to the drought like conditions which has been prevailing over the state it looks less likely rains are going to come back soon.

There exists a Trough of Low near the Tenasserim coast (Thailand) which is expected to be weak right through its life cycle.  With possibly things evolving up to possibly a Marginal Low Pressure it looks until Christmas possibly we are not likely to see any major spell of rains.  Even with possibly the weak Low coming closer to the Mainland we could possibly see a spell or two of isolated rains in the coastal areas at best as things stand.

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