Summer song in full flow over Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

Summer has been on overdrive over larger parts of Tamil Nadu for the past couple of days. Chennai Airport recorded it’s hottest day of the year yesterday touching 42.5°C though Nungambakkam was luckier with sea breeze helping it before temperatures went North.

Cyclone Fani made landfall close to Puri yesterday morning as an Extremely Severe cyclonic storm with winds speeds in excess of 200 km/h. Maintaining its intensity for further few hours as it moved North as of today morning it was close to Kolkata as a severe cyclonic storm heading towards Northern parts of Bangladesh. It will lose intensity upon hitting the Khasi Hills over Meghalaya not before dumping huge amount of rains in the region.

In the meanwhile heat is here to stay over Tamil Nadu though with the weakening of Cyclone Fani we can expect marginal reduction in temperatures over North TN. Weather models are expecting the day time maximum temperatures to stay a degree or two lower than the last couple of days over places like Vellore and Tiruttani which have been seeing max temperatures above 44°C for the past couple of days. Chennai and suburbs could see day time max temperatures in the region of 39 / 40°C