Summer in South India – Ready Steady Po

Its time to say Ready Steady Po for Summer in South India. While summer starts around May and peaks around June for North & Central India, Summer in South India it marks its presence very early.  West Coast and places in South Interior Karnataka sees its highest temperatures for the year around March while summer peaks around May for rest of South India.  With June comes in the Southwest Monsoon bringing a reduction in temperature around Peninsular India except for the East Coast of Tamil Nadu which continues to swelter under the Westerly influence though absolute temperatures not often reach the heights touched in the month of May.

Today will see the start of heat wave conditions over South India particularly in the interior regions.  Yesterday saw Gulbarga in Karnataka record 41.6 degrees with a few places in Telengana & Rayalaseema region touch 40 degrees.  The next few days are likely to see fairly extreme day time temperatures over pockets in Peninsular India while across the region temperature is expected to be fairly high and uncomfortable.


Parts of Peninsular India is expected to be influenced by the strong surface level winds which is expected to increase the daytime temperature over many places of Telengana, Rayalseema & some places of Odisha as well along with North Interior Karnataka and a strip of West Coast.


Quite a few places in these areas are going to see temperatures possibly touch 40 degrees and in a few cases possibly cross 40 degrees comfortably.  As things stand interior parts of Tamil Nadu is likely to see maximum temperature hover around 37 degrees in many places while one or two places could inch closer to 39 degrees.

Today could possibly mark the beginning of Coastal Tamil Nadu inch slowly towards hotter days though with Easterlies still around the day of scorching heat is unlikely in Chennai over the next few days.