Summer Checks in Over Interior TN

Weather Update
Reading Time: 2 minutes

As interior parts of Tamil Nadu starts to see increased temperatures summer is gradually showing up its face. Yesterday saw increased temperatures in interior areas of North TN with Tiruttani recording 38.2ºC yesterday nearly a degree and a half higher than Wednesday while Salem recorded 38.6ºC for the second straight day. As we get to the last week of March interior parts of the state along with adjoining areas of Andhra Pradesh will start seeing Summer firmly establish.

Weather models indicate today also interior areas of Tamil Nadu are likely to see temperatures in the region of 37 / 38ºC while one or two places could touch 39ºC in Erode, Namakkal & Salem districts. Coastal areas will continue to see warm & humid conditions especially during the evenings due to the Easterly Sea Breeze bringing more moisture.

Last couple of days have also seen the return of thunderstorms over the Western Ghats as Line of Wind Discontinuity type of conditions prevailing over the High Ranges of Kerala & adjoining parts of Tamil Nadu mean atmospheric instability for evening thunderstorms to develop. Today once again one or two places may see moderate thunderstorm activity around Valparai / Munnar region.