Spell of Break in Monsoon Thunderstorms to end with a bang

Weather Update

As remarked many a times, the fortunes of the West & East Coast of Peninsular India swings like a pendulum during the Monsoon season as active & suppressed phases of rainfall work inversely for each other. In a strange quirk of fate we have to also accept both the coasts can see similar conditions only when the pendulum stops which happens only when the Monsoon Clock is broken bringing dry conditions over the entire peninsular India.

But this peaks & troughs of the monsoon cycle gives raise to a fascinating Monsoon watch as well for the weather watchers. On the one hand to track the powerful monsoon surge dumping rains over the Western Ghats brings an adrenaline rush to a pluviophile where ever he is on the other hand the breaks in monsoon brings thunderstorms closer to home for the Chennai bloggers giving an opportunity to track the sound & light show that accompanies with rains. So if one were to look closely while the Pendulum swings side to side the Monsoon clock runs only in one direction, forward, similarly for the weather bloggers irrespective of where it rains it is one fascinating journey of few months tracking the rains coast to coast.

The last couple of weeks have been good for the leeward side of the Peninsular India with thunderstorms bringing good rains to the region & in some cases very heavy rains too. Chennai though has remained a spectator for most of the time as a combination of poor steering winds, unfavorable storm tracks meant most days ended as a disappointment in terms of rains which remained only as colors in the precipitation charts of weather models. With the break in monsoon about to end the last couple of days of this spell of thunderstorms promises to compensate for the disappointments on the back of strengthening Westerlies which could provide for better steering of thunderstorms. With good wind convergence indicated by weather models due to the presence of an UAC, from the developing LPA, over Odisha / AP coast providing right support here is hoping this Spell of Break in Monsoon Thunderstorms ends with a bang not only for rest of Peninsular India but also Chennai.